Spell Check Anywhere 7.5


Spell Check Anywhere 7.5

Enables spell-checking in any application
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Most text editors come with spell checkers. Some even include dictionaries, thesauruses and translation tools. Even web browsers have added similar characteristics, either built-in or as add-ons. Nevertheless, there are still many applications that do not include spelling checks. In this regard, the main advantage of Spell Check Anywhere is that it will help you check your spelling in all applications.
Except for the settings and spelling windows, this application has no real interface of its own -at least in the traditional sense. It will run from the System Tray and display a Spell Check button in all the windows. In general terms, it works very similarly to the spelling tool in Microsoft Word. When you press the button, it will check the text in the active window. When it finds a supposed mistake, it will ask you what to do. Then, you can choose to correct the error, include the word in the dictionary, use a synonym or ignore the mistake. Additionally, you can replace all the words or set the application to correct a given word automatically every time it is spelled incorrectly. As there are words with similar spellings, you can also read the definitions to help you choose the right one.
This program also includes a feature called “speed typing”, which consists in setting keywords instead of longer phrases. This way, whenever you type a keyword, the program automatically substitutes it by the text it stands for. In addition, Spell Check Anywhere includes HyperNotepad, a tool to take quick notes.
In general, this is a useful application capable of complementing similar tools included in some programs and adding the spell check feature to those applications that do not have it.

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